Quick Tips for Preschool Preparation from Dr. Luke Voytas

Quick Tips for Preschool Preparation from Dr. Luke Voytas
Your kid’s about to start preschool?! Wasn’t she just a baby like a few months ago? I’ve been through preschool startups twice, and I’m sure you’re as excited as I was. But there’s also that stomach-churning anxiety – is she going to be the one screaming and holding onto your leg on the first day? Or for the first month? Is she going to have friends? How will he compare to the other kids? Can he really survive without...

Celebrate Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth Day
You’ve probably noticed that we love the outdoors here at Sasquatch Books, and we want to preserve the beautiful natural resources our Earth provides. We are dedicated to sharing that belief through the books we publish. No matter what part of nature you’re passionate about, there may be a book or two that will inspire, inform, and instruct your contributions to a healthier and happier planet! Animal Conservation Return of the Sea Otter by Todd McLeish: Follow science journalist Todd McLeish as...

Share Where I Illustrate: Pierr Morgan

Pierr Morgan -Where I IllustratePierr Morgan -Where I IllustratePierr Morgan -Where I IllustratePierr Morgan -Where I IllustratePierr Morgan -Where I Illustrate
For this series, our authors and artists take us behind the scenes to show us what their work spaces look like. Our first featured illustrator is Pierr Morgan, illustrator of the new The Children’s Garden from Little Bigfoot. My apartment isn’t really a treehouse, but I call it one because it sits up high in the tree tops with the birds. I love to rearrange furniture and create cozy nooks for projects in the works. I call them “play stations.”...

Hot off the Press February & March 2017 New Releases

Hot off the Press February & March 2017 New Releases
Spring is just around the corner, but here in Seattle we know it’ll be awhile yet before outdoor-activity weather begins in earnest. Here are some outdoorsy offerings from Little Bigfoot and Sasquatch Books to whet your appetite for getting back out in nature—as well as a cookbook to get you dreaming of summer! 2/07: My Wilderness – In 1918 painter Rockwell Kent took his nine-year-old son to spend a winter on Alaska’s Fox Island. In My Wilderness, Claudia McGehee recounts...

Flowers, Chocolate & Books

Flowers Chocolate and books Valentines 2017
Enjoy Valentine’s Day the Sasquatch way! Flowers, chocolate, a romantic dinner, the works—if you’re planning gifts for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, why not include a book or two? We’ve put together a guide to all our most romantic offerings, which will help you keep that Valentine’s Day feeling going all year round. (And if you’re not wild about Valentine’s Day, don’t worry—we have a book suggestion for that Valentine’s Day feeling too.) Flowers 1. Roses from the florist are a classic...

Where I Write: Mark Holtzen

Where I Write: Mark-Holtzen’
For this series, our authors take us behind the scenes to show us what their work spaces look like. First up: Mark Holtzen, author of A Ticket to the Pennant. When I started taking writing more seriously, I asked my dad if he’d help me build a desk. I came home from teaching one day, went out to the grungy 1923 garage that sits in the corner of our backyard, and found a fully built desk. That’s my dad’s way. He’d...

Summer Reading with Little Bigfoot

Summer Reading with Little Bigfoot
Seven Great Books for Kids This Summer Summer is the best time for reading! Whether you’re piling in the car for a road trip, hanging out next to the pool, or just curled up on the couch, make sure you have a book with you. Little Bigfoot has lots of awesome titles out for the summer that kids are sure to love. Bartholomew Quill by Thor Hanson; illustrated by Dana Arnim – In PNBA award–winning author Thor Hanson’s first book for...

Playing Ball

Playing Ball
Seattle's Baseball Past Baseball fans rejoice—the season is finally here! The 30 Major League Baseball teams across the country have taken the field in pursuit of championship glory. Of course, baseball didn’t always look like it does today. Players, teams, and stadiums have come and gone, creating a new experience for each generation of fans. In the new Little Bigfoot release A Ticket to the Pennant, author Mark Holtzen takes readers inside Seattle’s baseball history. Here’s a closer look at...

Alaskan Tales for the 2016 Iditarod

Alaskan Tales for the Iditarod
Books About Inspiring Sled Dogs, Mushers, and More! The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race kicks off this Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska and we’re very excited to see who wins it all this year! The Iditarod is always full of amazing stories and we have a few of our own that we like to tell at this time of year: Count with Alaska’s cutest sled dogs in a toddler-friendly format! A team of frisky huskies introduce counting and parts of the body...

Download the Bigfoot Holiday Paper Doll!

Bigfoot Holiday Paper Doll!
Bring Bigfoot to life with this charming printable paper cutout! Download your own Bigfoot doll from Bigfoot Does Not Like Birthday Parties, the new children’s book from author Eric Ode and illustrator Jaime Temairik. Give him a little holiday spirit with festive clothing and accessories—maybe he likes dressing as Santa better than attending his own birthday party! Doll and cutouts designed by Jaime Temairik – Click Image to download PDF.